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Adrenalin in the Basque Country

 basque country seminar

 Rafting, Canyoning
► Sea kayaking
► Wave Ski, Surfing
► Introduction to Basque Pelote

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Go down a river in an unsinkable inflatable craft!
It is an exceptional way to discover a hidden world onboard of the most exciting boat.
It's an activity requiring teamwork and co-ordination above all. It is not particularly dangerous as you are fully equipped with lifejacket and helmet, but you're certainly going to get wet! According to the level of the group you can choose an 'introductory' or a 'sporting' session.




Wave-ski: surfing waves

The beach of Hendaye is ideal for the discovery of wave-ski and a safe retreat when the waves are too strong.
The Casanova Spot of Labenne is a wild beach with fine sand, far from the summer crowds.
It takes three minutes only to cross the dune and find yourself on the mythical beaches of the Landes county. In autumn and spring, depending on the size of the waves, there are several spots to be discovered – in Bidart, Guétary and St. Jean de Luz.



Following the water-course of a ravine, gorge or canyon with or without the use of rock-climbing material.
It's much more fun than it sounds as the trip is punctuated with rock slides, jumps and 'rappels' that will amuse and exhilarate.
Teamwork is essential and a certain head for heights called for.

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